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The ABC's Always Be Creating (and Listening): Tuesday, September 15, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Industry experts discuss working with consultants, accountants, Insurance companies, business advisors and other experienced owners.
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Damian Petty—Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality Insurance

Damian Petty is a commercial insurance agent/broker for Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality Insurance. He specializes in anything recreational or hospitality related including, RV parks, campgrounds, resorts, trampoline parks, dude ranches, family entertainment centers, etc. Damian primarily works the western portion of the country and is licensed in over 20 states. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the commercial insurance arena. Damian gained vast experience of the insurance industry by owning his own Allstate Agency for a period. He gained knowledge in life insurance and carried his 6 and 63 licensed for financial planning during this period. Damian was born and raised in Thornton, Colorado, but lives in Puyallup, Washington today. He served on the Spanaway Water Board, and is involved with several associations including, ARVC, CCLOA, COAM, CALARVC, IATP, DRA, CO DRA, and many more. He teaches risk management courses at the ARVC Outdoor Hospitality Education Foundation.
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David Gorin—Gorin Cohen Consulting

David Gorin has successfully developed, owned, and invested in parks over the last 20 years. From 1987 to 2001 he was president and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). He founded David Gorin Associates LLC in 2002, providing consulting to park owners, buyers, developers, and investors, serving as the Washington lobbyist for ARVC, and serving as executive director of the Virginia Campground Association. In 2015, in response to the growing interest in the park industry, he teamed up with Jayne Cohen to establish Gorin & Cohen Consulting Group. The group works exclusively within the RV park and campground industry for investors, developers, owners, and future owners. David was inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana in 2017.
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Randy Isaccson—CCF Bank

Randy Isaacson is a Campground Lending Coordinator for CCF Bank (formerly for United Bank which was purchased by CCF Bank) and he specializes in National RV Park/Campground Financing. While a lender for 38 years, he started this financing program 21 years ago which has originated approximately $150 million of RV Park/Campground Loans in 23 states. Randy works out of the Jellystone Caledonia Campground near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Randy has made presentations for Jellystone Symposiums and Spring Meetings, ARVC and WACO. He has visited over 460 campgrounds throughout the US and has made over 720 field visits overall. He has attended TACO, IAPPA and has been a member of 20 Group 2 for about 16 years. Randy's family camped themselves for 23 years before becoming involved in ownership and management in Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Caledonia.
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Robert Coldren – Rudderow Law Group

Robert Coldren has represented RV park owners, campgrounds, marinas and mobile home park owners as a lawyer since 1978. He owns parks and campgrounds and knows the laws regarding them. Rob has experienced virtually every legal issue an owner can face and has litigated some of the groundbreaking legal cases of the past three decades. He brings practical, sensible, dollars and cents focus to dealing with park residents. Rob has helped write some statutes regarding the industry. He has also served on numerous industry trade associations and committees. Additionally, Rob has authored legal texts pertaining to parks. He lives in Newport Beach, California with his bride of over four decades, Brooke. He is available for legal representation and consulting at, (949) 220-6241.

How to Get Non-RVers to Come to Your Campground: Tuesday, September 15, 3 - 4 p.m.

There are 11 million RVs in the US, and 158 million households. If you have tents, yurts, cabins, park models, covered wagons, or other structures, learn how to draw them in!
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Dick Grymonprez—Skyline Champion Park Models

Dick is a 39 year veteran in the manufactured housing and park model industry and is currently Director of Park Model Sales for Skyline Champion which is the largest builder of park models in the US with 11 factories. As the president of the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association (RPTIA), Dick oversaw the move to the Recreational RV Industry Association (RVIA). He was appointed the first park model seat on the RVIA board in 2012 and has been just re-elected for his 3rd three year term. Dick is an expert in the park model industry and knows the dynamics on how it relates to the Outdoor Hospitality.
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Dennis Steinman -- PlainsCraft Covered Wagons

Dennis Steinman is owner and CEO of PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. He grew up in the rural heartland of Kansas, and from a young age, cultivated a love of pioneer history. A long-time entrepreneur, he has a proven business sense, which he maintained through decades he spent building a thriving electronics manufacturing company. He and his wife, Donna, have now turned their full attention to the design and construction of authentic prairie schooners, just like the ones he dreamed of and read about as a child. The two realized their dream and created their first functional designs in 2018, and now they bring their passion for covered wagons to outdoor hospitality providers around the country.
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Keith Krzeminski -- Shelter Structures America and Glitzcamp USA

Keith Krzeminski is a co-owner and Executive Vice President of Shelter Structures America and Glitzcamp USA. Keith has been involved in camping since he was a young, taking camping trips every summer with his family. As Keith got older, he worked through college installing commercial tents and supervising tent crews for a party rental store in New Jersey. After graduating college, Keith worked for various companies and in 1997 moved to Florida to work for a national tenting company. Throughout his carrier Keith has been involved with small camping and glamping projects all the way through large multi-million dollar events from the Ryder Cup to Coachella. In 2017, Keith joined one of his old co-workers and started a tent distribution company based in Los Angeles, California. Shelter Structures America distributes small and large tents as well as Glamping tents under Glitzcamp USA. On-line sales are available at Keith runs east coast sales for Shelter and Glitzcamp and resides in Roanoke, VA with his family.
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Mark Aragona -- Wizard Works

Mark Aragona, president, CEO and founder of Wizard Works, is a Mechanical Engineer, with a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), in Mechanical Engineering. Additionally, Mr. Aragona holds an Associate's Degree in Design and Drafting from State University of New York at Morrisville. Founded in 2000, Wizard Works has completed countless projects since 2000 including several staple projects such as the Batman Thrill Show in Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey and two Thomas Town waterplay attractions in Six Flags Agawam and Vallejo. Wizard Works is also worldwide having completed projects in many countries such as Korea, Singapore, China, Ireland, England and Cyprus. Mr. Aragona's immediate family owns and operates a family resort and waterpark in upstate New York. The park opened in 1981. He has played an integral role in the continued development of the rides and attractions that exist in the park, and has been one of the pioneers in the waterpark industry in developing many unique products that exist in the industry today.

Make Your Computer Work For You: Wednesday, September 16, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Your campground's computer system is a vital part of your business. Learn how to maximize its use. Panel participants will cover websites, reservations, social networking, Wi-Fi, reports, customer contacts, credit card processing and more.
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Art Lieberman-MCPS for Campgrounds

Art Lieberman is the Producer of this Expo and is the President of five companies, three of which are providers of credit/debit card processing and one that deals in telemarketing. Located in Central PA, MCPS for Campgrounds is most certainly the industry's largest campground provider of those services with Nearly 700 customers. Art's office is located in a yurt and he and his staff, headed by VP Deanne Bower, have been working with the hospitality industry for 15 years. Art, however, has been with MCPS for 20 years servicing any kind of business. In a previous life, Art was a piano entertainer, a trade show producer and an instructor for Dale Carnegie courses.
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Jim Ganley-CheckBox Systems

Jim Ganley is the founder and managing partner of CheckBox Systems, specializing in wireless connectivity for outdoor hospitality. He has spent the last 19 years working with thousands of parks and RV resorts on adding, troubleshooting and upgrading WiFi and connectivity. His background also includes directing and teaching University networking and vendor certification programs and an earlier career in broadcast engineering and management.
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David Mayfield-ResNexus

David Mayfield has been working with unique campgrounds for over 13 years. He is the Senior Executive of Sales and Marketing for ResNexus a family run and operated company based in Utah. He is one of the owners of ResNexus and is involved in new projects and onboarding new customers. David recently received his private pilot's license to help visit customers that are off the beaten path. He is passionate about helping campground owners achieve their full potential through innovation and cutting-edge technologies. David enjoys sharing ideas that he has gathered from working with some of the best campgrounds around the country. If David isn't working, he is traveling with his wife of 19 years and their two children.

Pros & Cons of Franchises and Branded Networks: Wednesday, September 16, 3 - 4 p.m.

Joining a franchise is a major decision. Learn how to decide what may work and not work for your property.


Representatives from franchises and brands will be available to share information regarding how to decide what works best for your property and your situation.

Joining an Association—Why You Should: Thursday, September 17, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

What are the advantages of joining an association? What advice and benefits can you get when working with other hospitality businesses?
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Dyana Kelley—CampCalNOW

Dyana Kelley is the president and CEO of CampCalNOW RV Park and Campground Alliance, an advisor to the American Glamping Association, holds a seat on the board of CalTravel and is a member of their Government Relations Committee. As leader of one of the nation's largest state RV associations, Dyana is focused on supporting and promoting CampCalNOW member parks while also creating unity within the outdoor hospitality sector. Dyana works tirelessly to ensure that outdoor hospitality is a valued and recognized segment of travel and tourism nationwide.
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Mary Arlington — CCLOA, KansasARVC, SDCOA

Mary Arlington entered the RV Campground industry with a long search to buy a park, graduating from the ARVC school, and attending many state conferences during that search. As an owner and operator, she was elected to Board leadership at both the state and national levels, as well as in related state organizations. She spoke at association meetings in even more states. After selling her park, she became a speaker and industry consultant, assisting clients from coast to coast and beyond. Now she has three primary clients: the state associations for campground owners in Colorado (CCLOA), Kansas (KansasARVC) and South Dakota Campground (SDCOA). In those organizations, she carries the title of Executive Director.

Also Joining the Panel:

Bev Gruber, Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association; Gregg Katt, ARVC Michigan; and JoAnn DelVesio, New Jersey Campground Owners Association.

Millennials—Are They Your Future: Thursday, September 17, 3 - 4 p.m.

People under the age of 38 are having an impact on our economy. Their interest in travel, particularly in RVs, glamping, and off-the-wall travel experiences, are spurring an industry. Learn from our presenters how you can get in on the action.
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Eric Stumberg—Tengo Internet

Eric Stumberg is an entrepreneur with expertise in services and wireless technology. He is the founder and CEO of TengoInternet. TengoInternet designs, builds and support outdoor connectivity solutions -including WiFi - and is dedicated to connecting people for success. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Tengo is the industry leader, serving the outdoor hospitality industry in the US and Canada with award-winning service for over 18 years, building over 2000+ WiFi networks and serving over 6 million connected devices in 2019. Prior to founding TengoInternet in 2002, Eric served at Dell Corporation and H.B. Zachry Company, a family-owned global construction company. Eric received his MBA and BBA degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, and currently resides in Austin with his wife Keri and son, Ericson.
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Sarah Riley-Inspired Courses/Inspired Camping

Sarah Riley is a professionally qualified business coach, visibility specialist and podcast host who started her consultancy after jointly running a boutique hospitality business and being involved in the glamping industry for decades. Now she supports one of the largest business communities for unique holiday rental hosts and shares techniques in her internationally acclaimed Masterclasses to help unique hospitality owners set up their business, attract more guests and increase their profits in this increasingly competitive industry. Sarah is also the Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and offers web class guides and tutorials such as The Glamping Business Start-Up Guide and Guest Booking Success Masterclass with The Direct Booking Blueprint®. She is also the host of the leading industry podcast: The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals. Sarah is based in the UK but operates worldwide.
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Mark Devereux—RMS

With 21 years of experience in the hospitality industry including leadership roles in sales, travel and technology, Marc Devereux is an expert at generating revenue, closing new business and building relationships to retain long-term customers. As a Sales Account Executive at RMS North America, Devereux is responsible for generating new RV park, campground and hotel business and ensuring that customers continue to get their needs met through RMS solutions.
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Steven Woodburn—Tentmasters

Steven Woodburn is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Tent Masters. Steven oversees the development and implementation of marketing strategies while managing a team of sales agents to conduct sales throughout North America. An avid hiker, golfer, and adventure seeker, Steven seeks to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to experience nature in a unique and comfortable way!